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Customers are 64% more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video.

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Real estate listings containing video get ten times more attention than those without video. For local agencies trying to enter a crowded market, video can be a key growth driver. There is no need to provide statistics: you yourself would probably prefer to watch a video when choosing a home. Still images, beautiful as they may be, fail to immerse the viewer in the space of the property. Incorporating video into your online marketing strategy can boost your lead generation efforts. 

We offer residential real estate videography, virtual tours for residential properties, and real estate video tours that increase the interest of potential buyers or renters. Stand out amongst your competitors with our affordable video and photography service for your real estate property.

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Show your property with a cinematic real estate video! When dealing with a new customer, video can make a significant advantage over the competition. Grab your prospects attention and make them your happy clients. We use aerial & traditional high-end cinematography to make your video look gorgeous. 








It’s relatively easy to capture real estate videos, but it’s much harder to make them look professional and earnestly. You have to light up your scenes properly, edit the raw footage, make color corrections and add some motion graphics, incorporate music or a voice-over. It’s a skillset that requires years of study and practice. But all of those touches are important – they create an engaging experience that keeps your prospects focused on your real estate video from start to finish. Pay a professional to get that “wow” effect, and you’ll have a better chance to impress your customers and sell the property quickly, perhaps even at a higher price.

There is generally a noticeable difference between professional real estate video and amateur smartphone-style video. As a result, professionally produced property videos get more attention and make a deeper impression. That means professionally produced listing videos help you compete with a strongest competitors. Well, if you’re the first in your local market to use them, congratulations! Let them all compete with you! But if other agents in your local market are already using professional videography for real estate listings, then you need to do the same to stay relevant.

How to Make
a Real Estate
that Sells

How to Make a Real Estate Video that Sells

You shot a wonderful real estate video with your smartphone, walked through all the rooms, showed the property from all angles, but your video is not generating sales?

With these modern smartphones equipped with high-definition cameras and editing software widely available, you may think that nothing could be simpler than making a real estate video on your own. But this is not at all the case. Making real estate promotional video on your own sounds like an easy money-saver, until you get halfway into it and realize how complicated and time-consuming it really is.

Using a professional videography service opens the options that would be too complicated to manage on your own. You can be on camera for a guided tour of the home or neighborhood. You can bring in aerial videography to give the video more visual interest. Or you can set up movie-style scenes that draw buyers in as only storytelling can. Extra features like these can be especially helpful for premium real estate listings, where prospective clients are much harder to impress.

Making a high quality real estate photography and videography takes hours and even days from start to finish, counting not only the shooting time, but also editing and post-production. Add a time that you’ll have to spend for learning software and camera gear, unexpected equipment or software glitches, and the payoff shrinks even more. It makes far more sense to spend that time doing what you do best: selling real estate property.

Making real estate videos on your own can definitely save you money in the short term, but the investment of time, and conversion power makes hiring a professional production service more profitable.