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Tip of the day
Customers are 64% more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video.

Our Process

three simple steps to your dream video

Chose the desired video type

Select the video package that best fits your needs. Include any additional add-ons to your order. Then, place your order on our secure form and you’ll be on your way!

Answer the Questionnaire

Upon ordering you will be required to fill out our pre-production questionnaire. You’ll be able to include any specifications and special requirements about your products.

Ship your product
or send us your media content

If the product that has to be shown in video needs to be physically filmed (using the camera), ship the product to our studio location. In most cases, this can be avoided by using ready-made images, stock-footage or 3D animation. 

Start Working With Us Today!

10 Business Day Delivery! Really!

Your Video Production Timeline


(1-3 DAYS)
As soon as we get your product or (in some cases) it's pictures, we  immediately start working with it, researching the best way to show it on video.
This is where our scriptwriters come into play. They go through all the details of your questionnaire, research your product and it's competitors, and create a stunning script that contains all the necessary elements  for a super engaging video ad.


(2-4 DAYS)
Before we shoot your video, we plan ahead and gather all the necessary props and accessories and make any last minute enhancements necessary for a smooth video recording.
A good planning is the key to the success of your future video. Therefore, we think over every detail to show your product as good as possible. We use sophisticated lighting systems to show the product in the best possible way, linear camera movement system and the most advanced shooting equipment available.


(3-5 DAYS)
Once your footage has been shoot, we choose the best takes, edit it and make color corrections.
After the video is edited and ready for further development, the motion designer assigned to your project begins to supplement it with all the necessary graphic information such as texts, logos, motion elements, etc. This is the final stage of the production routine.
Once your video is revised and approved by our executive team, we send you a Google Disk link containing your video and all the add-ons. We offer unlimited revisions to ensure your satisfaction!